“Avid adventurer with a spiritual connection to the ‘natural’. Knowledge is acquired through experiential learning enhanced by outdoor education, Native American ways, leadership, and wilderness medical training.”

My father taught me fishing and hunting skills at an early age. We camped during family vacations and sometimes I’d camp in our back yard. My brother and I would leave our house summer mornings to visit our favorite fishing spots. During high school and college I worked as a Connecticut state park lifeguard running trails when off duty. Being in the outdoors was in my blood. Outdoors time became less when college began and a new career consumed 60-70 hours a week after graduating. Having outdoor withdrawal and a desire to learn new skills I attended an Outward Bound course in 1989. The course in Maine altered my life and touched my core reconnecting to nature, the activities, and comradeship from five other students and two instructors more than I knew at the time. I was asked to be an Outward Bound instructor and for different reasons I stayed in a high tech career. A decision I would revisit today.

A company transfer to Europe created opportunities for new places to explore. I accompanied two Scotsman to Sandwood Bay in the northwest region of their plush country on one excursion. Another was ferrying from Stavanger, Norway to Lysefjord hiking Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock) 2,000 ft. above the fjord. The connection to nature kept calling and the northern European countries of Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Finland reminded me of what I was missing back home in New England.

Returning from Europe I moved to Concord, MA integrating back into outdoor life. A short while later rock climbing and mountaineering began in southern New England and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Mt. Washington became my favorite, despite dangerous, winter climb. Deer hunting became of interest, making the decision to bow hunt to be in tune with the natural environment, deer patterns, and have a more primitive experience. This lead to hunter education becoming a CT bow hunter safety instructor emphasizing ethical hunting practices along with safety. A few years later I completed the CT Master Wildlife Conservationist Program with focus on teaching habitats of native fur-bearing animals.

Enhanced outdoor primitive and survival knowledge was acquired at the Tracker School being immersed in the Standard and Advanced Tracking and Awareness courses. These two courses were immensely important bringing knowledge to a deeper connection with the natural environment and creating a foundation for Native American interests. To prepare for backcountry emergencies I attended the SOLO Wilderness Medicine School becoming a Wilderness First Responder since safety and readiness are important in all outdoor activities.

Experience and education brought leadership and confidence to outdoor, personal and career interests. Knowledge has been important with excursions throughout the United States and in Europe and India. Providing this knowledge, guiding, and teaching outdoor skills especially to children needing an outdoor environmental connection is a passion. I was honored to teach outdoor education classes and buld a computer classroom at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains detailed in the first story of this blog.

The journey continues…

In November of 2014 I moved to the Pacific Northwest and settled in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area enjoying the local national forests and trails, paddle boarding, cross country skiing, white water rafting, salmon fishing and have begun fly fishing. Enjoyment of the outdoors continues…

Please contact me for more detailed information.

Peace – Greg

Sandwood Bay with Kevin Maguire

Sandwood Bay with Kevin Maguire

“Silence is the cornerstone of character.” – Charles Alexander Eastman, Ohiyesa Santee Sioux

Outdoor Education & Experience

Outward Bound Schools

  • Hurricane Island – Rock Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing (1989)
  • Pacific Crest – Rock Climbing, Camping, Hiking (2001)

Wilderness Medical Training – SOLO

  • Wilderness First Responder (2008 – 2014)
  • American Heart Assoc. CPR & AED (2008 – 2013)

Connecticut – Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

  • CT Bow Hunter Safety Instructor (2010 – Present)
  • International Hunter Education Association Instructor Training (2011)
  • Master Wildlife Conservationist (2012 – Present)

Tracker School – Tracking, Observation and Wilderness Survival

  • Standard Class (2008)
  • Advanced Tracking and Awareness (2009)
  • Volunteer – Cook (2009 & 2010)

Appalachian Mountain Club

  • Leadership Course (2006)

International Mountain Climbing School, North Conway, NH

  • Mountaineering and ice climbing courses (2007 & 2012)


  • Summit of Mt. Hood (2007)
  • Winter Summits of Mt. Washington (2004 – Present); Solo winter conditions and spring climbs
  • Prepared climbers for Aconcagua through training and gear selection
  • Winter Climb Leader – Mt. Washington, NH; Mt. Katahdin, Maine (2010)
  • 10,000 mile US Tour – Hiked and camped in National Parks and Forests throughout the United States (2009)
  • Carabiner’s Rock Climbing Gym, New Bedford, MA – Assisted in gym preparation in final months before grand opening. Climbing instructor – (2006)
  • Summit of Mt. Adams, Gifford Pinchot National Forest – (2017)

World Travel

  • India – Ambassadors for Children, Project Manager for Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home. Responsible for installation of the largest computer classroom outside of colleges in Northern India (2008)
  • United States and Canada – Personal & business travel. (1984 – Present)
  • Europe – Relocation & personal travel – 17 Countries (1990 – Present)

Personal Growth and Leadership

  • Native American studies and knowledge – Tracker School, reading and attending sweat lodge and vision quest ceremonies.* (2008 – Present)
  • ManKind Project – New Warrior Training Adventure and Leadership Training (2011 & 2012)


  • Multisport Athlete – ½ Iron Man (2006), Boston Marathon (2009), Nipmuck Trail marathon (2011), Tough Mudder (2012)
  • Wasatch 100 Pacer (2013) – Miles 50 through 75, 12AM to 10AM
  • High School Swim Team Co-Captain


  • Participated in the 2010 Mohegan Sun Pow Wow – Awarded best non-Native dancer
  • Nutrition, health and fitness (1986 – Present)
  • Natural Horsemanship (2011 & 2012)
  • Following the latest trends in gear (Always)

Influential Books

  • Leadership The Outward Bound Way – Jimmy Carter and Others
  • The Warrior Within – Bruce Lee
  • The Heroes Journey – Joseph Campbell
  • Black Elk Speaks – John G. Neihardt
  • Personal list includes over 80 books of varied passions personal development, Native American interests, Tom Brown stories and more.

*Note: Native American studies, work and ceremonies are similar to but not Native traditional since some have been learned and lead through self study or from non-Natives with knowledge. Some have been learned through a blessed Lakota chief.